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HELLO! I'm Yee Hui!

I am an Australia-based filmmaker and 3D animator. I work to bring joy to audiences who engage with the imaginative worlds in my animated short films. I am inspired to use the medium of animated shorts to make the world a better place by communicating issues related to human beings gently in my short film. For example, I directed and produced ‘Of Coconuts and Flowers’ in 2020 to talk about toxic relationships through analogies. As a result, the film has been screened in multiple countries and won an outstanding award for a student film. My practice is also informed by experimentation across other forms of digital media, having created projection mapping installations and original game designs.


Just completed my Master's degree in Animation, Games, and Interactivity at RMIT University, Melbourne, I am focusing on ways to combine my skills as a 3D artist with my passion for storytelling.

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Latest Achievments

2020 - 2021

Short Animated Film "Of Coconuts and Flowers" (2020) has been screened at:


5th Chaniartoon - International Comic & Animation Festival, Greece.

World Film Carnival Singapore - July 2021 - Outstanding Achievement Award for Student Film, Singapore.

Student Animation: St Kilda Film Festival 2021, Australia.

MAGI Expo: The Thing with 73 Brains, RMIT, Australia.


Best Animation Award for The Isle of Design competition- "Welcome to the Isle of Design"

Malaysia & Australia


Short Animated Film "Remember Me"

University of Kent, United Kingdom


WAVES Media Exhibition "The Sea"

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



Moving image for "Sure Starts Campaign"

University of Kent, United Kingdom

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